Mona Lisa,
a journey through the masterpiece
Immersive exhibition
Immersion et Découverte
Indoor and outdoor immersive visit apps !
1st cloud dedicated to facilitating valorization and digital enhancement, as well as innovative designs.
Operation Dynamo
Dunkirk 1940
Mobile Application / Open Air Museum
KSB @The Extraordinary Factory 2018
at the Grand-Palais
Interactive experiences
Energy Manager
the serious game of Total Solar Expert
Serious game
360° show
Immersion at the Caen Memorial
Access Panel BNP - Online
Datavisualization system
Echangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance
Lab / Innovative technologies
Immersive scenography
Exhibition #HumainDemain
Discover yourself with prostheses and exoskeletons
Immersive exhibition
Image studio pavilion
Futur l'expo at Futuroscope Park
Cité de l'Espace - Children's Base
Become a cosmonaut and build your rover
Concept proposal | visit experience
Comatelec Schréder
Institutional communication (video & VR)
Comatelec Schréder
Demonstration showroom
App ONF La futaie des Clos
Domaine de Bercé
Innovative app for a site classified as "Forêt d'Exception"
Naester (Perigee Next)
Fot Technologies - DAM & publishing CMS online
States of Light
Virtually discover the scientific phenomena of light with physical objects
Discover the solar system
in VR
Interactive experience
Staples - JPG
mail order & e-commerce
French red cross
Jasmin Magazine
Number zero