Discover the solar system
in VR
Interactive experience

Traveling in space, switching from a culturally accepted stylistic world to real orders of magnitude to grasp its effective immensity… Without accessories or controllers, with a simple gesture of the hands, manipulate the stars to deepen your knowledge.

Driven by the dynamism of the video game scene, VR recognizes a character of interest to the cultural sector, but the means to interact requiring monitoring and learning, while technical constraints are still a source of complications for institutions to achieve successful adoption.

To advance the interests of the sector, we demonstrate the application of a non-passive form of experience, with technical and creative forms of application fully involving the user's body for interaction in useful/pedagogical universes.


  • Exhibition #HumainDemain
    Discover yourself with prostheses and exoskeletons
    Immersive exhibition
  • Image studio pavilion
    Futur l'expo at Futuroscope Park
  • French red cross