App ONF La futaie des Clos
Domaine de Bercé
Innovative app for a site classified as "Forêt d'Exception"

Creation of a route accompanied by a mobile smartphone/tablet iOS and Android app, for an immersive and sensory invitation to the domain of Bercé, a site classified as «Forêt d’exception».

An app that offers enrichment, historical and educational immersion, while keeping the visitor in the real, sensitive to the observation of its environment!

On site, there is no need to access the network or to be located by GPS: The visitor triggers the experiences by visual detection of the cartels located on the course, using the camera of his mobile device.

The app contains many discoveries such as the possibility to travel above the canopy in a visit At 360°, discover in augmented experiences the history of the Boppe oak through the centuries (extinct at the age of 262), understand how a tree standing in front of you survived the lightning and healed, discover the essences of trees and listen to nature...

The app also brings useful instructions for visitors.

A unique trip with a neat design, in the colors of the Office National des Fôrets, which also benefits from a content administration solution allowing animation and enrichment of the visitor experience in continuous dynamics with forestry activity.

The realization


Excerpts from models



    • Project management (study, technologies, identity, creation and development of the app, experiences and trail signage)

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert

    • Outsourced Contributions

    • R2D3 (video capture by drone)

    • Customer

    • Office National des Forêts (ONF)

  • Comatelec Schréder
    Institutional communication (video & VR)
  • Jasmin Magazine
    Number zero
  • Naester (Perigee Next)
    Fot Technologies - DAM & publishing CMS online