Comatelec Schréder
Demonstration showroom

Research for the experiential development of Comatelec.

The proposal: Make the head office showroom space an interactive commercial, forward-looking and projective showcase. Present the ranges but above all design in complete immersion, with the customers, the implementation solutions.

An approach aimed at transforming the experience through concrete, making possible study workshops in support of Comatelec products and solutions, on contexts and cases of tangible uses.

A co-productive objective to develop the establishment's sales force in its strategy of leadership, proximity and co-development with its market target.


General overview


    • Research, experiential study and modeling

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri

    • Customer

    • Comatelec Schréder

  • Jasmin Magazine
    Number zero
  • Exhibition #HumainDemain
    Discover yourself with prostheses and exoskeletons
    Immersive exhibition
  • App ONF La futaie des Clos
    Domaine de Bercé
    Innovative app for a site classified as "Forêt d'Exception"