Exhibition #HumainDemain
Discover yourself with prostheses and exoskeletons
Immersive exhibition

The #HumainDemain exhibition places visitors at the centre of scientific innovation in the fields of health and relationship to the body.

Many discoveries are encountered by the visitor, including an original digital and scenographic device entitled

An immersive work of scientific mediation

It allows visitors to discover themselves with prostheses and exoskeletons, in real time! The rendering is realistic and features a never-before-seen technique of intelligent occlusion/substitution of body limbs.

A scenographic device

The entire device is designed to take place at the heart of the exhibition, while taking into account the scenic constraints.

experimental device study

Installation at the Quai des Savoirs

Custom created and adapted technologies and assets

The prostheses and exoskeletons are developed for the work itself.

The interface and the imagined interactions are not left out, the work succeed in adapting to the flow of visitors, to their morphologies, but also to the scenic contexts for fluidity and total operating autonomy.

Dynamic lighting calculation, occlusion and body envelope management

Prosthetic concepts

Additional management interfaces to facilitate management by operating teams

A network interface has also been developed to facilitate handling by operating personnel in case of need while remaining with the public: status analysis, boot-up, restart… no need to resort to the hardware of the device, interrogating the system with a simple smartphone is enough!

A project that has also received a nomadic version

An extended realization was developed at the end of the exhibition at the Quai des Savoirs, to allow the exhibition to travel. Embedded and made


    • Creation and project management (stage design, digital work and technologies)

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert

    • Customer

    • Museum Toulouse / Quai des Savoirs / Toulouse Métropole

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