KSB @L'Usine Extraordinaire 2018
at the Grand Palais
Interactive experiences

Devices designed to animate the KSB stand, during « L’Usine Extraordinaire » 2018, held at the Grand Palais.

An Installation particularly noted during the event: for three consecutive days, visitors were able to discover the activity of the industrial, world leader in the manufacture of pumps, through a hologram and an interactive game.

The digital work brings a dimension of attraction towards the industrial, succeeding in promoting the approach in its encounter, demystifying its activity with conviviality.

Making off of the hologram

The hologram featured a KSB staff member. The shots are arranged and written for the holographic context. The interactive experience is enriched with an entirely custom-designed real-time 3D pedagogical narrative post-processing, giving a unique overall identity to the realization.

Making off of the quiz in the form of interactive mapping

The mapping is designed to blend into the event context, while allowing playful interaction with several participants, without resorting to a haptic interface.

No capture deep here! With the help of a simple camera, gestures are distinctly captured, allowing the interactive stage elements to be operated by simply hovering over the hand.

In addition, the hall of the Grand Palais exposing unpredictable external constraints due to its architecture and scenic layout, the technology takes into account variations in lighting and weather, dynamically analyzed so that the detection is perfectly autonomous, in all circumstances.

The game itself, also designed for the occasion, is based on several animated questions and datavisualization of the results encouraging the challenge between participants as well as the average performances of all visitors of the temporary event.

    • Creation of the Holographic Experience

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri (scriptwriter and director)

    • Creation of the Interactive Quiz Mapping Experience

    • 2makesense - François Amri (identity, interaction design and recognition system) and Benjamin Jaubert (game scene development)

    • Operator

    • KSB

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