Access Panel BNP - Online
Datavisualization system

Synchronized extension of the Echangeur showroom, within reach of all BNP country units. The technology adapts the datavisualization environment to the HTML standard and allows the managed consultation of all the analysis data of the Access Panel.

Designed as a consultation hybrid and a multilingual webservice that also supports the access panel models of different countries, the tool also makes it possible to carry out consultation sessions, manage/generate captures and presentation materials, and even broadcast the unlimited representation models of broadcast screens to play representations in real time.

The representation models are logically adapted uniquely for each analysis context. Animated and interactive, they have reading aids and take full advantage of modern technologies for consultation from any type of computer equipment!


    • Realization

    • 2makesense SAS

    • Visual and interactive identity

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri (interfaces and representation models)

    • Development

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri (UI core, frontend, models, data engineering) and Benjamin Jaubert (consultation process and processing backend)

    • Customer

    • BNP, in collaboration with Echangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

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