1st cloud dedicated to facilitating valorization and digital enhancement, as well as innovative designs.

Built to bring the most advanced digital ideas to life. IntuiConnect is a dedicated environment for digital experience administration and animation. Take advantage of new and unique logic skills for creating and editing apps, web pages, animating cross-media content, interactive devices, information systems, and innovative technologies!

IntuiConnect is a facilitation tool to accelerate digital transformation, distinguished by an intuitive and no-code approach and which meets the challenges valorization of public data, experience of private structures, inclusion and creation of open models. A technology that is transposed to many public policies concerning urbanization: infrastructure management, cultural and tourist action, mobility, management of natural spaces, commercial attractiveness, access to public services, e-education, sports practices, etc. It also responds in relation to general public use and challenges of private companies in the context of their digital valorization through accessibility.

The interface is a cloud accessible online or domiciled on its own hosting solution. Bringing the intuitive and innovative dimension of design, it makes our know-how available to users and through its service bricks brings a new way of designing and managing advanced digital solutions easily and in record time, to make the creation of innovative projects with high added value accessible.

Collaboration and security!

Built to meet the challenges of collaboration and so that each expertise can logically focus on what it does best, see their synergies shared, the environment itself is multi-user, manageable and customizable. Each person can therefore access the tools they only need, but also access the level of depth they want to use.

A real tool kit made available to design modern works and make the most of contemporary technologies

The solution integrates all the necessary tools in a rich space: creation, storytelling, prototyping, 2D/3D editing, data management and connectivity, language support at all levels, rights and users administration, backup and versioning to secure each of the interactions for a perfect and adapted use in a professional environment.

Scalable and customizable

In addition to the proposed services, which maintain the degree of exigency of the solution, the environment invites digital actors to contribute. It also includes an API and a store for an ever more relevant experience, at the forefront of trends and uses. Integrated and intelligent recommendations help you discover the right tools to go further, at the right time.


    • Director / Editor / Technology, Design & Development

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert

  • Immersion et Découverte
    Indoor and outdoor immersive visit apps !
  • Exhibition #HumainDemain
    Discover yourself with prostheses and exoskeletons
    Immersive exhibition
  • KSB @The Extraordinary Factory 2018
    at the Grand-Palais
    Interactive experiences