Operation Dynamo
Dunkirk 1940
Mobile App / Open Air Museum

An experience and memory journey. The smartphone opens a window on history.

On the territory of the urban community of Dunkirk itself, relive the traces of the past and a major episode of the Second World War: The Battle of Dunkirk, also known as Operation Dynamo.

The app and community win the GOLD Label «Innovation: Highlighting the territory» of the Interconnectés 2019

Let yourself be guided through the contemporary landscape and dive into a journey back to 1944: play as different characters from different historical routes and contexts of interpretations. Playful stories shifting from 3rd person to 1st person, opening an immersive window into the theatre of events!

An all-public discovery, which can also be made on a «self-guided trail» to simply explore the past in search of vestiges and immersive/augmented experiences.

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The app

An app to discover history through the city

Many immersive experiences and 360° reconstructions, to relive the context of Operation Dynamo

As well as discoveries in augmented reality!

Also discover the traces of history with new points of view

Interactive games and manipulations to learn more about the historical context

New routes for new experiences

Excerpts from sequences

Excerpts from models

Saint-Eloi Church

Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque

Porte de la marine

Jean-Bart Statue (Jean-Bart Square)

Victory Column

The Sugar Hall


The Frac

Cannon - Dynamo Museum entrance

Curtain walls of Bastion 32 (Dynamo Museum)

Port Museum

Leughenaer tower

City Hall

The Galbres

Risban Lighthouse

Dune Fort

Dune Fort Cemetery

Memorial of the 12th Motorized Infantry Division

Zuydcoote Military Cemetery

Zuydcoote battery

Military hospital

North Farm

Princess Elizabeth

Duchess Anne and Fire Boat

Little Ships of Dunkirk

Main characters

Choose to play as Louisette (10-year-old civilian), Edward (English soldier), Joseph (French soldier) or Marcel (civilian, fisherman). Discover the past with different points of view and levels of interpretation.

Additional characters / other reconstruction details

Communications elements

Project information

    • Holder of the public contract, study, project management, creations and technologies (identity, app and immersive experiences).

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri et Benjamin Jaubert

    • Subcontractors

    • Ludodago - Marie-Noëlle Wattier (Narrative writing of guided routes and research of historical resources)
      WeDroneU (video capture by drone)

    • Special thanks

    • The Jean Bart high school and its students
      Olivier VERMESCH of the Dunkirk Society of History and Archeology
      Pierre METSU of the Memorial of Remembrance Association
      William MAUFROY, Nicolas FOURNIER of the Dunkirk Archives - Urban Memory Center of the Agglomeration

    • Customer

    • Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

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