Immersion et Découverte
Indoor and outdoor immersive visit apps !

Dedicated formulas, developed to meet the digital and economic challenges of local authorities and territorial, tourist and cultural infrastructures.

Building on the performance of the Intuiconnect® environment, Immersion et découverte® is a set of services and collaborative tools, allowing easy access to new technologies, ideation and intuitive creation of PWAs and visit/consultation apps with a high degree of immersion.

A complete ecosystem that also allows to develop a synergy around data, field experience and business know-how to offer rewarding, enriching and innovative public experiences.

At the level of communities, cities or establishments, our scalable and evolutive services allow interactive composition, collections valorization, storytelling design of indoor/outdoor mapped paths, integration of avatars, treasure hunts, 360°/augmented discoveries, and much more.

Open to incorporation, immersion et découverte® also natively supports technologies to interact with the environment: image capture and markers, QR-code activation, cartographic and GPS management, beacons, device orientation, time planning, to create experiences without limits!

Scripted and self-guided outdoor tours

Boost the discovery and appeal of your territories, tourist and historical sites, by offering immersive discovery experiences (re-enactments, interactive maps, games, 360° visits, increased discoveries...) and geolocated, scripted or self-guided tours.

Transform the visit within heritage places and cultural establishments

Provide visit services suited to your presentation needs and attendance contexts of your institutions, to enhance the experience of your visitors with their environments: organize the visit, make people discover the subjects in interactivity or immersion.

Adapted and personalized visitor experience

A logical discovery from start to finish. Have apps that focus on the visitor experience and adapt to different audiences, to perfectly combine expectations, fun, subject matter and reality.

Real-time updating and action, without limits

Intuitive and customizable turn-key tools to create interactive and multilingual experiences. At all times, have control over the form and content of your visiting experiences. Create narrative paths, add templates, delete, edit as you wish.

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More features

The Immersion et découverte® formulas can also include many other features, dedicated to your projects : publication/online management service, news and events, file manager, analytical data, backup management, POI management, mobility infrastructures management, preparation of visits, collections referencement, digital resources optimization, interfaces for exchanges and support...

In addition, 2makesense also provides support services for the study, the use processes, the development of additional functionalities, the creation (identity development, enriched immersive experiences...) and the implementation.

    • Director / editor / technologies, design and development / offers and services

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri et Benjamin Jaubert

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