Energy Manager
the serious game of Total Solar Expert
Serious game


Energy Manager is an online game designed to raise awareness of the energy mix and meet the methodological expectations of schools. Together, teachers and students can, alone or in groups, experiment and solve the challenges of the energy mix, in environmental simulations based on real data.

A complete universe and a playground with playful codifications that brilliantly manages to address a young audience, middle and high school students!

In 2018, Total called on 2makesense to imagine and carry out an edutainment simulation on the theme of energy mix.

The experience has been developed to meet essential fundamentals in an institutional setting: a teacher must be able to lead and orchestrate his educational workshop, whether it is based on the scenario of the game or from a presentation initiative. The game must therefore adapt to the time that the teacher have, to bring to the students a general vision of the subject. It must also be able to be started immediately without having to resort to an installation and make possible the animation context of several classes.

Source of attraction, the creative universe captivates, while facilitating the understanding of serious technical issues. The simulation is based on real values and progressive frames, allowing familiarization at all levels. The teacher is in charge, but the students can also take control of the game! Enough to fully strengthen membership.

To top it off, students can interact at the same time, impact a common budget and produce general repercussions. Are you laying down or destroying a power plant? all the consequences therefore extend to the others!

Rewards are part of the game: the environment will know how to award each of them based on the players behaviors, thus the game encourages team coordination. A spirit that invites to have fun, discover and invite to cohesion!

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A fun and educational universe

Build to meet energy challenges

Play alone or organize multiplayer sessions

Customize your avatar

Analyze the information

Unlock levels and win trophies

Various game environments, for demographic, scenic and climatic challenges contexts

A game delivered with a client-side editor

Dedicated online access to monitor operations, manage accounts and edit game environments.

Project information

    • Project management and realization (study, creation and development)

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert

    • Collaboration in writing and searching data

    • Ludodago - Marie Noëlle Wattier

    • Customer

    • Total / Total Solar Expert

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