Cité de l'Espace - Children's Base
Become a cosmonaut and build your rover
Concept proposal | visit experience

Proposal in response to the public procurement of an interactive and playful experiential device, for the renewal of the "Children's Base" of the Cité de l'Espace, Toulouse.

Build your rover and pilot it, or set off to conquer space by projecting yourself into the adventure as a cosmonaut. Then leave with the memory of your trip. An augmented adventure, offered to children from a fun, participatory and multimedia device.

A device suitable for simultaneous multi-playing

Children can play on the interfaces made available to them. A remote capture device temporarily imprints their characteristics, expressions and gestures to increase immersion within the simulation.

The session is timed and contemplative, in order to create a persistent and attractive autonomous universe, leaving to them the imprint of their passage to the "Cité de l'Espace". They can also keep a custom picture of their creation and their visit to the site!

A fun and intuitive interface for young people to create and take an interest in space conquest

Customize your astronaut costume

The visitor can select a spatial combination model, and customize it by coloring (tinting or painting directly on its surface), step by step: spacesuit, top then bottom of the suit.

Take your astronaut’s place in real time

After customization, his avatar can take on an adventure! The device detects the user who takes the face of his astronaut in the virtual world during the session. During his experience and beyond, the characters make their lives independently.

Real-time facial mapping!

We manage to combine facial morphing while rendering the video stream from the sensor camera to it.

The result is a free-moving model of the portrait that can be integrated into our animated avatar, in real time! And therefore viewed from any angle and exposed with stage lighting.

Keep a picture of his time in the "Cité de l'Espace"

During his session, several captures and fictional contexts are made. A virtual card is thus made. The user can send it to himself to keep a souvenir of his experience and his visit to the "Cité de l’Espace"!

Customize your rover, rocket or satellite.

Build and customize key vehicle parts for space conquest. Change wheels, engines, instruments... To create a unique vehicle that will take part in the virtual world.

Observe or drive your creation

The vehicle has taken part in the virtual world. Observe it and why not pilot it for a moment!

    • Scenographic and experiential study, identity, research and technical experiments

    • 2makesense SAS - François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert

    • Public procurement

    • Cité de L'Espace, Toulouse.

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